Life @ Ecolibrium

Why not work at a place that makes you feel at home? A place where your strengths are acknowledged and appreciated. Where you can be your best, simply because you want to be better every day. Every employee in our organization is an entrepreneur empowered by a flexible work culture, fair play and equal opportunities. We don't just say these things loosely, it's who we are.

Come on over and get fired up because we are going places!

  • Working here is amazing! The hours are flexible, the people are very nice and helpful. Even though it's a small company you get to learn a lot. If you have got a true passion for your work Ecolibrium will give you all the freedom and support to explore that field and progress.

    Niyati Patel

  • When I joined the Company, I expected it to be a typical 10-7 job But the reality is quite different. There's so much flexibility that makes us even more accountable towards our work. The atmosphere is always positive- people around are really co-operative and helpful. We all work work not just as colleagues but as one united team. For me, Ecolibrium truly is a place filled with opportunities and growth.

    Atik Shaikh

  • There's a general sense of buoyancy and cheer at work! Such jocund company too! The grind can be arduous but never unnerving. As long as you are accountable and deliver timely, no one bothers you with the 'how' and 'when'!

    Vidya Bhaskar

  • I have been working at Ecolibrium Energy for 2 year now. Working here is a true learning experience. I joined as an Intern and now head a team. The journey has been excellent and the friends you make on the way even better!

    Abhijeet Pathade

  • Ecolibrium is a huge family that works, plays and stays together. For a tech guy like me, there's a pool of knowledge to learn over here. The energy that everyone in the team brings and the effort they put, really does equal the energy we save for our customers!