Delhi Metro can prevent energy wastage while adding to its bottom line

“The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC), which manages nearly 218 km of tracks and 167 stations in India, has installed SmartSence devices at its energy tapping/consuming points thus providing a centralised server to monitor energy flow across 14 electricity sub-stations. With different utilities supplying power for each sub-station, DMRC has been able to observe energy trend patterns with much ease. The solution has also enabled DMRC real time monitoring of energy generation from solar panels installed on the roof of metro stations and depots. It also monitors the amount of CO2 emissions mitigated by this energy generated (i.e. 0.9 gms for each unit generated from solar). SmartSense is now in the process of developing system for real-time condition monitoring of escalators and lifts, thus helping easy monitoring of these critical equipments for passenger comfort.”

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