Edible Oil industry is one of those few innovation intensive industries where each step taken towards innovation, research and implementation of innovation is a matter of supreme importance as the products here are edible and can directly affect human bodies.

The edible oil industry is also one of the early adopters of the Internet of Things (IoT). Oil companies combine the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and the cloud for greater management of manufacturing sites so they can act in real-time as safety and regulatory issues arise.

The most common issues faced by this industry is untimely breakdown, channel overloading, frequent tripping, etc. Human monitoring becomes inefficient at one stage for it is not easy to manually monitor every motor and energy meter. For this, K N Proteins Pvt. Ltd., has adopted energy analytics solution from Ecolibrium Energy to improve their energy efficiency and asset efficiency.

With the use of SmartSense device, The field engineers are enabled to monitor the processes and make in time decisions. The Digital Twin incorporation of the device provides a dashboard to the engineers with which they can monitor every individual meter at every location from a remote place and analyze the voltage, current, etc readings. The asset efficiency can be easily monitored.

For any breakdown or tripping in the facility, automated alerts are sent to the concerned head as mails or message alerts at the exact time it happened. It makes it easier for the company to quickly manage the situation and get back the plant running.

IoT enhances the productivity and reduce the cost in the installing and operation phases. Any issue in the meter is detected at its earliest and the steps are taken accordingly. It helps to reduce the switch replacement cost, making sure the working is smooth.

The previous energy consumption data is analyzed every once in awhile to check for any kind of fluctuations in the consumption or any unnecessary use of energy can be managed. It also helps to maintain the power factor. The night time slot can be utilized very efficiently and makes sure there is no slack period and the plant is up and running efficiently.

Higher yields, improved energy efficiency, asset efficiency and the more frugal use of resources all help to reduce overall operating costs over the long term. With such adoption and efficient use of digital twin and energy analytics, one can surely increase productivity.

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A digital twin is an energy analytics and energy monitoring device that provides energy data that helps in energy efficiency, energy intelligence, and energy management. Know more about efficient energy, energy analytics, EMS and energy monitoring system by clicking here.

– Dilip Patel

– Assistant Manager (Electrical Engineer)

– NK Proteins Private Limited


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