With the constant changes in the technological front, the modern machines and products are becoming more complex. To monitor them, skilled operators are required but they are becoming scarce with time. The shop floor data is not being monitored at the regular intervals thus resulting in inconsistent analysis and lack of. In recent times, there has been a shift from manual to automated monitoring– with industries switching to automation at an exponential rate.

Automated monitoring is multifaceted. The core benefit in a way is having real time information about which machines are running or not running. With the help of predictive maintenance, a tab can be kept on all assets as to be informed about any kind of abnormalities in its functioning beforehand.

The automation in monitoring does not necessarily need an operator to be on the shopfloor to constantly keep a watch over it. With the inclusion of wireless networking, the data of the assets can be sent through wireless medium so one can keep a check on the daily updates and send alerts of the same through mails or an alert on a mobile device.

In the Glass Industry, the assets like PCC drive, glass machine, etc face a lot of downtime for prolonged period of time. The assets also have a lifespan which has to be taken care of. Constant asset maintenance is required to keep them in a good condition. But a constant tab is not being kept as to the condition of the asset time to time. The maintenance is generally been done when the asset deteriorates extremely or experiences a failure. The cost of the repair or the replacement is quite high and time consuming too. This negatively affects the overall productivity with heavy cost incurring in labor time and maintenance.

Predictive asset maintenance has helped tremendously in solving major issues in the following ways:

  • Time Saving: When the abnormality in the asset arises, it sometimes becomes difficult to track as to in which particular area is the issue. With predictive maintenance, We can come to know about the exact location as to where is the glitch, thus saving a lot of time and energy.
  • Easy monitoring of assets: With the help of Cloud and Digital Twin, it becomes easier to keep a tab of all the assets and their current working condition from any location. With constant timely alerts and updates, it is comfortable to keep a track of all the assets at once.
  • Improvement of asset life: With predictive asset insights, it provides ‘right information, at right time’. The asset maintenance can be done in time if it is known beforehand about the abnormalities. By coming to know in a preventive stage about some unusual behavior of the asset, we can take timely actions to prolong the life of the asset. This also helps to reduce the risk of replacement of the asset.
  • Increased productivity: With a pre-set knowledge about the asset by conditional periodic monitoring helps to takes timely actions for it and reduces downtime of the production. Thus making sure that the production process is smooth and making sure there is high uptime.
  • Saving unnecessary cost: With predictive maintenance, the unwanted extra cost for maintenance or replacement comes down. Also, it brings in light the issue of the heavy electricity cost which drops down by 25–30%.

Predictive maintenance is an automated monitoring system that brings automation in monitoring asset maintenance and helps in predictive asset maintenance.

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– Bhupati Mohanty, Team Member,

– Electrical Technical Services,

– Saint Gobain.

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