It is not easy for a company dealing with chemical manufacturing to measure and manage productivity. There are a lot of processes that needs to be monitored constantly by making sure the equipment are performing well. Also, there then arises a need for the processes to be running for a perennial time to meet the end customer’s needs. The plant needs to make sure to deliver the daily requirement in time.

And here, power and energy play a very important part in our plant. The machinery efficiency and working comes next. Both of these parameters are vital for any plant and can be managed. But human monitoring is not something one can count on. There can be a lot of false information that may be passed on the the supervisors to hide the human error. By this way, it is not how productivity can be either measured or managed.

This is where energy analytics come in the picture which helps Anupam Rasayam India Limited to take care of their productivity. The SmartSense Solution of Ecolibrium Energy has been implemented in their plant which is used for data and energy monitoring. They needed to monitor the energy to make sure that the manufacturing process goes through no breakdown and equipment productivity is maintained. The energy and voltage can be mapped every minute through an online dashboard created through Digital Twin. There is no need to take a physical reading of the meters all the time. This makes sure the supervisor does not have to sit there the whole day and can be useful for other manpower work.

The manufacturing process can happen at any point of time depending the nature of the product being made. The equipment productivity is also to be managed efficiently for the plant functions at the night hours too. Monitoring the energy and equipment becomes easy for it helps to reduce the slack time. The alerts about power consumption and voltage used is received every 15 minutes, keeping us updated. With so much of data received, it is helpful to even analyze the peak hours and the power consumption during that time. It helps to bid for power meticulously and utilize the peak hours to its full capacity without facing downtime. If there is a issue with power failure, an alert is received immediately and the issue would be able to get solved.

The world is moving towards digitization and incorporating Industry 4.0 and trying to increase their efficiency. Human monitoring would not be able to gather such data instantly. Equipment productivity needs to be taken care of too.But we can analyze the data obtained by such predictive monitoring systems. It is time to embrace the future of IOT.

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Smartsense solution is a data and energy monitoring that utilizes digital twin IOT for monitoring the energy and assets. Click here to know more about predictive monitoring systems.

– Mihir Desai

– Electrical Engineer

– Anupam Rasayan India Ltd


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