Around a decade ago when the first supermarket loyalty program, ClubCard, was launched, its founder Clive Humby very famously said,  Data is the new oil.

Since then, this phrase has been repeated everywhere- from boardrooms to coffeehouses. 

But we, at Ecolibrium, say it’s not!

We believe,

“Data is the new sunlight.”

Oil is limited. But the possibilities from data, like sunlight, are limitless. Especially in places like industries, buildings, and utilities, millions of data points get generated every second. And most of them get wasted. The value that can be derived from this data depends on how well we are able to capture it, the point of capture, and how quickly we can process it to fulfill our needs- not much unlike sunlight. 

Additionally, like sunlight, data is soon going to be ubiquitous and will underlie everything. In such a scenario, being data-first will not only give enterprises a competitive advantage but might also become a crucial deciding factor for the survival of an organization. 


If you are an enterprise that is still working with manual data-logging, SCADA or BMS- the time has come to step up and ‘extract energy from your sunlight’! Don’t let your data go to waste. 

Businesses are realizing the immense potential in these data streams across their systems.   

Here at Ecolibrium, more than 200 Million data points hit our servers every day. And that number is only increasing. With our deep domain expertise and our cutting-edge data algorithms, Ecolibrium’s SmartSense offers a simpler-than-ever plunge into the era of Industry 4.0.

So yes, if data is indeed the new sunlight, we say, “Make hay while the sun shines!

To know more about how we can help your enterprise convert data into dollars, let’s talk!

Contact us today!

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