Energy consumption has developed incredibly fast over the last few decades. We are in danger of using up the planet’s natural resources, of destroying vital habitats and polluting the air we need to breathe. It has become unavoidable important to use energy efficiently. Energy efficiency is a way of managing and limiting this growth in energy consumption, to save wildlife habitats, safeguards the planet, and make sure there is energy left for future generations.

Something is more energy efficiently if it lasts longer or works better than a traditional version of the same appliance, but uses the same amount of energy. Or even if it delivers the same performance as the traditional version, but uses less energy.

Ultimately, energy efficiency means doing more with less: that is, squeezing as much useful power out of as little energy as possible, and not letting any go to waste. Take an old-style light bulb, for example. These bulbs produced light, but wasted a lot of heat in the process. New energy-saving light bulbs create the same amount of light without creating wasted heat, and they use less energy in the first place.

The same principle applies to all kinds of energy-saving appliances. An energy efficiently fridge will use less energy than an old model but still keep your food cool, while an energy-efficient washing machine will get your clothes smelling fresh and clean without using as much power as an older version.

The term energy efficiently can also be used in a wider sense. Instead of focusing on the energy efficiency of a single item (such as an appliance), we can also look at the energy efficiently of whole buildings. If two buildings are supplied with the same amount of energy to create heat, the building that can generate and retain the most heat — rather than only creating a little heat and then losing it — is the more energy-efficient building. As it has become serious issue and as industries have started taking this as a important aspect of the business many energy saving equipments, projects related to the energy management and various system are available to conserve energy. As it’s said “Prevention is better than cure”, so it’s better to save the energy before we are left with none for our survival.

Energy Conservation is not only for US, it is for our next generation.

Efficient energy is a requirement for every facility and energy efficient systems are always searched to achieve energy efficiency.

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– Silambarasan I, Sr. Engineer,

– Electrical Maintenance, Projects and Energy Management

– Delphi — TVS Diesel Systems Limited, Chennai.

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