The phrase ‘energy efficiency’ is often used as a synonym to label any kind of energy-saving measure, though technically it should be distinguished from energy conservation — a broader term which can also include former service rather than changing the efficiency with which it is provided. Snowballing energy efficiency often costs money up-front but in many cases this capital outlay will be paid back in the form of reduced energy costs within a short time period. This makes efficiency improvements an attractive starting point for reducing carbon emissions.

Energy efficiency is always a good idea. Whether it results in energy savings depends on what we do with the money we saved. Nonetheless, improving energy efficiency is a key tool for reducing CO2 emissions. But here I wanted to throw some focus on other energy efficiency ways. Every company has a limit after which if it consumes energy then it has to pay the penalty. If a company can analyse its energy consumption pattern then the company will be able to save additional points.

Our company Lezora Vitrifies is the producers of ceramic tiles; we understand the changing needs of ceramic industry so we try our level best to produce accordingly. We had an issue i.e. we were unable to practice energy efficiently and came to know about the solution offered by SmartSense. After giving all the inputs regarding what we wanted in our company, we installed SmartSense at our Morbi plant, this made our data more meaningful and we were able to analyse our consumption patterns. As we all know the prices at peak hour vary from that of normal working hours and night hours, so as we got the analysis where were not only able to prevent penalties which took the some part of the profit earlier but were also able to change and control our consumption pattern, which ultimately led to increased productivity and profitability further reduced energy consumption by 30%.

SmartSense is a contemporary solution to sustainably achieve impressive Energy Efficiency.

– Prashant Kachrola,

– Production Director,

– Lezora Vitrified Pvt Ltd

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