Energy has been with us from long and going to stay to for long as well. nergy is a component which cannot be disregarded; lately we all have been hearing this word very often. Energy embraces diverse meaning and standards from different point of view. But if we talk about energy from industrial point of view the benefit and room is massive.

Many of the industry giants have been occupied to discover a proper way out so as to magnificently manage their energy, data and resources as well. Its just a decade ago when industries started receiving data associated to their energy consumption and additional minor kits but were incapable to turn that data into a productive data, just a dumb data you can say. But as the necessity of smart data increased and thanks to technological development industrial sphere has gotten to a different level.

Today not only the industry giants but even the medium and small sized industries use their data to have productive insights. Our company, Maize Products complete industry solutions, had been looking for one end solution like this, that is when SmartSense from Ecolibrium came into the picture. Earlier we used to get data but it didn’t contribute us any information or any insights. This happens in every industry, people have data but they don’t have idea about what to be done with it. Initially, when we didn’t have had installed any solution, when the power plant would shut down due to any issue(which is common in our industry) load of the factory would go on Torrent and that ultimately results in penalty so for this we had a person who would sit their whole time and monitor that this does not happen.

Once we installed SmartSense in our plant, in their technology we didn’t need a person to sit at the plant and monitor the plant continuously as with the assistance of SmartSense our main officials would be sent alerts as and when the load would shift from the predetermined levels allowing one of our mens to do the needful without being at the plant. With the help of SmartSense we were able to make use of the data which was generated, reducing our penalties and cost involved because insights where sent on the basis on this data which was generated. In future when race in the industry becomes hard-hitting SmartSense gives us competitive edge.

In a nutshell, “SmartSense is a excellent concept & service, vast opportunity and scope for profit maximization and energy conservation”

SmartSense helps in energy efficiency by deploying various energy efficient systems.

– H.H.Parikh,

– Electric Engineer, Maize Products

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