The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. Connecting things changes everything. That’s what businesses and consumers are learning as they embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) for everything from household garage door openers to smart industry applications that solve high energy consumption and reduce losses as well as cost.

Internet of Things IoT is not about connecting things or services but it is about changing the way things and services deliver value. In the process, things are becoming services, and services are becoming more intelligent. The Internet of Things is poised to touch every aspect of our lives. The question for hotels is: How will IoT in hospitality affect the industry?

So how is the hotel industry going to benefit from IoT? Internet of Things in hospitality means reduced costs and an optimized guest experience. From guest’s perspectives, IoT in hospitality plays a vital role for a comfortable and customized stay. Suppose guests can adjust the lights or call the front desk from their beds via their TV or mobile device, this reduces the efforts of guests and provides them a luxurious stay. While on the events side, what if one could figure out when event guests are done with their meals or a done with a breakout room to send service staff in? Similarly, what if one could change the temperature of a ballroom during a keynote based on how many attendees are in the room?

Internet of Things IoT in hospitality offers increased integration with personal gadgets of guest, through which they can unlock their room via their mobile device, providing a seamless hospitality experience. Moreover, with mobile integration hotels can remember guests’ preferences through previous data. Hotels can also customize their reservation based on previous stay of the guests.

Hence Internet of Things IoT in hospitality has many useful applications to embrace their business. Hotels adopting Internet of Things IoT into their establishments are having a leg up on the competition.

IoT Experience at Orchid Hotels

Orchid Hotel, Mumbai is a synonymous with a warm and friendly ambience and an ‘Eco-Friendly Commitment’. To fulfill it we had implemented Ecolibrium Energy’s SmartSense which is our first step to be ahead in hospitality industry. This is how we have a transition from hotel services to smart hotel services.

The best feature is that its continuous real time monitoring, with the help of which we can track energy trend and consumption which allowing us to schedule the power consumption as per the load. With the help of accurate consumption data or occupancy in banquet hall, we are able to control the A.C. temperature which provides us huge savings of energy as well cost. Reports and alerts generated due to any abnormality or malfunctioning help us to reduce the downtime of A.C. which is a pain point during heavy occupancy. Also we get the alerts for the exact issue which we can resolve ourselves reducing the need of technician or manpower.

Hence, IoT is the key to saving of energy, manpower and money of hospitality industry. Indeed, Internet of Things will level the playing field and shake up the industry and will provide guests an unforgettable experience.

IOT or Internet of Things is utilized to provide IOT Solutions.

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– Bhushan Mali

– Senior Engineer

– Orchid Hotels

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