The major source of energy in any manufacturing plant is and has always been coal. In India we cannot do without coal. In power generation today, the share of coal in total capacity is about 62% but the share in generation is about 80%. Demand for coal will go on increasing.

In India, coal has always been thought of as the raw material for power. Because the demand from the power sector was much more than the availability of coal in the last 10 years, no serious thought has gone into any other use for coal.

For companies like Cargill, who are into FMCG manufacturing, coal-based generation is the cheapest mode and most affordable [source of] power for them. They are only incurring variable cost. The capacity is already there. Company has 2 source of energy consumption — Government PGVCL and coal-through-steam generation. They have to justify government consumption unit and also coal generation unit to the management. How to efficiently utilise coal generation and DISCOM consumption becomes an uphill task. To integrate this with keeping a track of asset condition monitoring is also to be kept in mind.

Their monthly consumption of resources and energy helps to define their production for customers. They convert the coal to produce steam and and use that as a source of energy for the manufacturing process. The total steam consumption affects the production directly. To measure the overall energy consumption and monitor the electrical consumption, Cargill has installed SmartSense device from Ecolibrium Energy. This proved to be an excellent medium for asset condition monitoring.

With the constant tracking of data by the energy intelligence algorithms of SmartSense, it becomes easy for them to manage their pain points and has helped to recognize the blind spots which was not known to them before. A lot of major issues have been able to be solved in the facility.

The electrical distribution and consumption can be now mapped section wise and area wise in the facility. It also helps to know the accurate reading of meters. There was an incident wherein with the help of SmartSense, the company was able to know that a particular meter was displaying the reading of a 2 phase KV reading wrongly for a 3 phase KV meter. The SmartSense dashboard also made them realize the Current Transformer (CT) issues. They managed the current flow direction to the right assets as required.

The effective utilization of energy with a predictive maintenance and asset condition monitoring device became useful for the company to reduce their extra penalties levied by the government and accurately analyzing the actual coal consumption required by the company and manage their production efficiently. It is very difficult to control the operational cost for any company to increase their profits. The external price in this extremely competitive market cannot be altered. But the companies have a scope to manage their operating cost in which the energy billing costs them the most in an unexpected way. Using an energy monitoring device surely helps any company to improve their profits indirectly.

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– Harsh Halavadiya

– Electrical Instrumentation Engineer

– Cargill India

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