Facility management technologies during and after COVID-19: How implementing SmartSense IoT can provide an edge (including savings)

As we grapple with COVID-19 worldwide, the Future of Work is getting sharper focus around safe and energy-efficient facilities. So facilities management teams are looking for technologies that,

  • Provide real-time analytics of energy consumption at granular levels. Wide variations in use (irregular occupancy, partial access, critical-area-only usage, etc.) along with reduced/remote availability of technicians open up avenues for energy wastage.
  • Help comply with Guidelines from UNHQ and GoI. Most public and office space management norms require (1) control of crowding in meeting rooms/cafeteria & (2) compulsory sanitization of toilets/frequently used pathways, etc.

Monitor critical areas and parameters with Industrial IoT

SmartSense IoT implementation across the facility and critical areas can easily provide real-time energy profiles and alerts for unwarranted consumptions or breach in access. Crowding in designated (closed) areas can be monitored through an increase in temperature/humidity – where sensors can pick up variations of 2-3% from the mean in minutes. Monitoring (and alerting in case of exceptions) for sanitization and cleaning of areas can be done with easily installed contact switches.

SmartSense IoT powered Asset Intelligence for Smart Buildings can set this up in a matter of days; in an OPEX model. Similar implementations are already managing >10 million sqft of corporate real estate (CRE) space.

IoT enables automated reporting, saves operational costs

Right members of the facility management (FM) team anywhere would start receiving SLA compliance MIS reports like,

  • Energy consumption profile reports (and alert log)
  • Critical area (server rooms/meeting rooms) temperature logs and anomalies report
  • Cleaning task conclusion reports

And to top everything, SmartSense would pay for itself quickly. In such volatile usage scenarios, managing monitored consumption of chiller/AHU/UPS/workstations is the holy grail for any client-focused FM team. Deployment of this platform and rigorous use can lead to savings in excess of 2% of unaided consumption.

Dynamic usage of facilities and strict health SLAs are here to stay. At this point, enabling technology solutions like SmartSense is the best ally of the Facilities Management teams.

A Truly Transformational Business Continuity Plan

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are launching an IoT Business Continuity package to aid businesses to operate productively in this new socio-economic situation. This will help in improving output, optimizing resources, and eliminating waste using remote Asset Intelligence from SmartSense IoT.

Would you like us to build an IoT enabled business continuity plan for your enterprise?

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