Three months in, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses around the world. Manufacturing facilities are either shut or running with reduced production. Demands for certain products have hit a new low due to consumer sentiments. So, most industries have faced the brunt of this situation.

Working with reduced manpower along with social distancing will be a new norm for the industries. Varying productions due to fluctuating demands for the next 12-18 months will be very normal.

A smart way to stay resilient is by reducing wastages, plugging inefficiencies, and being productive. Evolving conventional factories to connected factories, using various depths of digitization, will be key to measuring performance and identifying (and plugging) inefficiencies in the entire supply chain.

In this context, data-driven decision making is a gamechanger. SmartSense, our flagship industrial IoT product helps with exactly that.

inside a connected factory


SmartSense IIoT aids in the creation of Connected Factories, with data-driven recommendations that, 

  • help improve the availability of your critical assets.
  • help optimize the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing throughput.
  • help optimize operating costs such as energy, fuel, power, maintenance, spares, and other utilities.

It does all this in an entirely non-invasive manner, requiring zero human intervention for the acquisition and analysis of data; to give recommendations that unlock real-time value.

How does SmartSense deliver Asset Intelligence?

  • acquires and analyzes data using a power algorithm, to provide actionable insights
  • web-based dashboard that provides real-time views of the critical data in a single view to different stakeholders from a technician, manager to CXO
  • detects anomalies early to provide actions for course correction

SmartSense has been deployed at more than 7000 assets, spread across over 100 enterprises such as Godrej, Fiat, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and more. The deep domain expertise and the large volume of data make the algorithm reliable and efficient.

Also, our team of experts ensures a quick turnaround time for the implementation of IIoT; helping facilities evolve faster than ever before.

In today’s climate, using technology to understand and improve operational efficiency rapidly becoming a must-have. Businesses that adapt to this reality will start becoming more resilient, a pillar for profitability.

Do you see value in exploring SmartSense IIoT for your manufacturing facility? 

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