Running a magnanimous manufacturing facility and keeping a tab over every minute detail is an uphill task. Regular manual tracking of condition of all the machinery is not easy. Also, the electricity utilization by such facilities is very inconsistent and expensive. There then arises a need for an Energy Auditor to help a company prepare an annual plan which reflects effective ways to make their facility energy efficient. These activities also helps in improving monitoring as well as process control for bringing reduction in the energy costs. Saving energy can not only help the company in saving money, but it is also important for the environment.

Lately, with the dawn of the Internet 4.0 era, the energy auditors have jumped in the digital whirlpool and are adapting to Predictive Analytics Intelligence which has proven to be very efficient and effective in their work domain. This kind of hardware installed with the asset at various locations helps to collect data at a regular interval. This data consists of actual electricity consumption, power factor, voltage ratings, etc. With the availability of such accurate data directly from the predictive maintenance gadgets, it becomes easier to audit the energy consumed by a facility.

The assets in the facility are an important part of it and have to be maintained at regular intervals. There arises actual situations when the supervisors avoid any kind of unusual behavior in the working of an asset and do not get the asset maintained until it experiences failure, thus increase in unnecessary cost and downtime. With the help of predictive asset maintenance device, it becomes easier to track the exact location as to where the fault in the particular asset has occurred without even physically visiting the site.

The Auditor gets the alerts about voltage, frequency, power factor, asset condition, energy consumption, billing insights, and many more such information on a dashboard which analyzes the obtained data from the predictive maintenance hardware and sends alerts to the dashboard. With the help of the dashboard, one can compare the minute-by-minute data and predict the issues that can be expected in coming future.

This dashboard is used by the end user i.e. the Plant or Project Manager. It is not necessary that the manager is technically sound. This dashboard deciphers the data from the devices and gives them a detailed reports and charts on daily basis which can be checked at an point of time online.

This Analytical tool gives no scope for the client to be untruthful to the Auditor. It is very common for the company workers to concede information crucial to the facility and indirectly affects its productivity.

For example, if there is a power cut, it might give the workers a reason to not work and also do not even inform the management, thus faces a prolonged downtime. With alerts from the dashboard about the power failure, the Management can make quick arrangements for power restoration and make sure the production is not affected.

Predictive Analytics helps in easy energy tracking for better and accurate energy auditing of companies and reduces the unnecessary workload of the Auditors and makes things very effortless.

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Ever wondered what is predictive analytics? IOT or Internet 4.0 is a method of Predictive Analytics Intelligence that provides Predictive Analytics by using predictive analytics tools.

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