In its latest innovation, Rhino Machines has joined hands with Ecolibrium to bring together the expertise of two GCIP (Global Cleantech Innovation Programme) 2015 top 20 semi-finalists together. While Rhino brought the foundry domain knowledge of more than 25 years, Ecolibrium brought the knowledge of data acquisition and managing on cloud.

IOT (Internet of Things) has been talked a lot, but still being in the initial stages when connecting to the manufacturing industry. Taking the hardware and software intelligence to the manufacturing industry shop floor is with its own challenges, but within a span of 4 months, SmartSense® has been packaged and launched.

A lot of ground work has been done to understand the needs of the industry and bridge the IT with Foundry industry. Here are some key areas which get addressed with this realtime solution.


Platform allowing real time evaluation and validation of the process, take decisions for corrections, set benchmarks for process. Analysis of system with Statistical reporting, deviations, all are possible in the software back up provided.


The monitoring of the melting area where 70% of the energy is consumed. The cost of melting being a major component of the cost of casting production, it plays an important part in the control and management of cost in real time. Apart from this the monitoring of Power Factor, maximum demand and alerts allows control on the penalties.


The machine operating hours, rated capacity, and utilisation are logged, allowing the evaluation of overall equipment efficiency of the machine. Monitoring and analysing the details shall help in lowering the production costs.


Logging of alerts, failures and inbuilt alerts for maintenance — preventive & predictive assist the organisation in ensuring control on downtime & implementing Total Productive Maintenance.


The overall impact on environment, with better efficiency, improved consumption will ensure reduced logistics handling, wastage of natural resources and generation of carbon emissions due to energy & transport. In long term there will be an impact on the emissions from supporting utilities.

SmartSense deploys contemporary SmartSense machines that help in providing high-end Data Analytics.

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– Manish Kothari

– Managing Director, Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd

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