Recently we all have been hearing a lot about Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digitalization etc. The first thought which comes to one’s mind is obviously how is it going to affect me. Will it help or disrupt? Before we go in details lets first understand the key challenges faced by maintenance in today’s world. How these new technological advances can play a role in approaching these maintenance challenges. Maintenance is always being looked upon as a money guzzler so the obvious challenge is to making maintenance as a Profit center to a Cost center. Controlling cost and expenses is the biggest challenge faced by many maintenance managers. Managers are being pressured to do more with less. Another key challenge in this time of high pressure situation is to keep the team motivated and in right mindset to foster a culture of Innovation. Managing workload balance, stress free atmosphere, providing equal opportunity and space to each individual for his own development are some of the few aspects that needs to be taken care of.

So let’s explore how these new technological advances such as Smart/Intelligent machines, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and stuff like this will help maintenance team in future. Normally whenever we initiate new initiatives the first question raised is how much CAPEX is required? What is the ROI etc. Implementing these new technologies need not be always a costly/expensive. Simple Intelligent Energy meters collecting electrical data, sending it to cloud where the machine learning and predictive analytics model plays its vital role developing a health index for the motor. This health index is calculated, monitored on real time basis. Based on the health index we do not only get the alerts but we also get the prescriptive recommendations. With this we can predict the failure or stoppages much early where one can act and avoid failures to happen in future. Maintenance man hours are avoided as there is no need to keep a daily track of parameters, conduct costly predictive maintenance and above all avoid maintenance spares inventory cost. We do not need to keep a spare motor or a bearing etc. as the predictability of failures is improved so that we can plan for spares in advance once we get any alert. This way digitization helps in avoiding various cost related to maintenance.

With real time monitoring and predictive analytics the maintenance personnel will get more free time which they can utilize for competency development and training. Generating innovation ideas and implementing the same. This shift from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance shall definitely reduce stress as the surprise breakdowns get eliminated.

In a nut shell Digitalization is boon not only maintenance but too stakeholders throughout the value chain. It is here to stay and is evolving with new technologies, time has come to catch up with these latest technologies and grow along with it.

If you have a doubt on what is predictive analytics, read on.  Predictive analytics involves Industry 4.0 solutions that provide Predictive Analytics Intelligence using predictive analytics tools.

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– Yuvraj Jadhav

– DGM: Maintenance, Projects & Energy

– SKF Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

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