Global demand for energy is rising fast, and demand for electricity is rising even faster. Unless changes are made, by 2030, global electricity consumption will be close to 30,000 terawatt hours a year. That’s more than twice the amount used in 2000. Meeting this kind of demand would mean building a one gigawatt power plant and its associated grid infrastructure every week for the next 20 years.

Facing with an aging infrastructure and new sensor data, utilities are under pressure to optimize asset replacement costs, improve operating efficiencies, maintain strict budget control, and meet regulatory requirements for adopting renewable and smart grid technologies. Even as they invest heavily in maintenance and repairs an analysis of utility generation, transmission and distribution assets suggests opportunity exists to improve the efficiency of the grid and the utilization of its assets. Utilities are continuing to invest in new sensor technologies that, with the right big data strategy, enable them to move from a reactive or condition-monitoring mode to a predictive planning mode. Addressing service needs as they occur rather than proactively anticipating them ends up costing more in the long run — in terms of personnel, equipment and customer satisfaction. It also has an adverse effect on customer satisfaction and reliability indices.

In this scenario there are so many things that are very vital from the industry’s point of view. For industries to work efficiently and effectively with all the resources it wont be possible if the machines don’t work properly.

Specially talking about transformers, they are the one of the vital things of industries depend on. Transformers do not require as much attention as most other equipment; however, the care and maintenance they do require is absolutely critical. Because of their reliability, maintenance is sometimes ignored, causing reduced service life and, at times, outright failure. Power transformers have created a great difference in our lives and are used in several power operated systems available in the market today. With the increasing demand for electrically operated systems, the manufacture of power transformers in India is on the rise.

Today, major industrial units are looking forward to increase the capacity of power transformers. Leading industries are coming up with better manufacturing ideas and innovative concepts, keeping in mind the modern business demands, and making sure that the electromagnetic requirements and compatibility factors are met with. But instead of buying a new transformer and bringing in the massive changes our company teamed up with Ecolibrium Energy. Ecolibrium Energy provided us with SmartSense their Big Data Energy Analytics Platform which provides Energy Intelligence. The insights increases operational efficiency by optimizing energy usage and improves asset utilization and further lets you have the predictive analytics regarding your assets.

The potential benefit that our company got was, we were able to do cost cutting of about 5.2 lac per month and further from April to present days we were able to save 4500 units per days. SmartSense helped to improve efficiency in production, reduce risks. It provided us with alerts and customized dashboards which shows statistics such as temperature, pressure, and vacuum levels. This greatly improves reliability, because as a users we will know in advance when something has to be replaced, rather than risk unscheduled outages. The overall effect of SmartSense helped us to work better.

Transformers in place now are already using various smart devices for load switching. In the 21st century, as industry have come to extreme advances in technology the move will be towards monitoring systems that promote transformer reliability. Ensuring reliability on the grid by replacing equipment before it fails and anticipating upcoming problems is what transformer manufacturers will be focusing on.

IIot deals with managing transformers and power transformers by utilizing SmartSense technology and Smart machines.

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– Nilesh Chauhan

– Manager Engineering, Alembic Pharmaceuticals

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