Transformers play an important role in the power system. In relation of power grid transformers are true support in the hurricane. They perform dependably throughout the world safely, time after time, practically overlooked by the general public. In simple words Transformers are designed to modify an alternating current voltage that runs from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. These devices have two or more windings wound around an iron core that either decrease the incoming voltage or raise the voltage of electrical tools, as required. The number of windings depends on the amount of electric voltage that the transformer is required to provide. Transformers have two groups of coils — primary and secondary those are associated with magnetic fields that act as conductors. Step-up transformers are used to increase the voltage and step-down transformers are used to reduce the voltage levels.

Transformers do not contain any moving parts, which means these do not require intensive attention unlike other types of equipment. However, it is still important that power transformers undergo regular maintenance as this is critical to the life and functioning of this equipment. Unfortunately, maintenance and proper care are sometimes neglected largely because of the reliability of the transformers. This leads to a decrease in the life span of the transformer, which eventually results to failure and downtime. With all these in mind, accurate interpretation and analysis of data obtained from monitoring transformers are important. Maintenance data gathered should be evaluated correctly to promote the transformer’s improved functioning and reliability. Furthermore, maintenance programs provide relevant information on existing issues that may result to a replacement or repair of the transformer.

Why Transformer?

In our daily life, electricity has developed as a major part of a life and life without electricity is a thing that cant be imagined. Industries unquestionably need constant supply of electricity and they certainly need transformer for ducking voltage instabilities and the malfunction of some machines is due to voltage problems. A transformer is a solution for all these glitches and it has the capacity to fix it. If the industries use any specialized machines, then they don’t need to worry about transformers because high voltage transformers are designed for those specialized applications. Generally the industries use heavy current applications and the workers who are working there are subjected to some dangerous shocks, but this has been rubbed off by custom current transformer because it measures the electric current and even if the circuit is too high, the custom current transformer produces a reduced current. So the modern industries don’t need to worry about any problems that are existing due to electricity failures and the production of the industries can able to be develop well if they have proper transformers that suits their industries.

Here is where SmartSense helped us to get Data monitoring, provided customized Dashboards which gave information about transformers health and performance. It is important to note that any amount of information obtained from conducting periodic tests or inspections on power transformers can offer you with signs of approaching or existing service problems. Afterward, corrective techniques may already be taken to prevent further damages. In fact, effective interpretation of maintenance records gathered can be used to predict impending failure. As a result, appropriate and reasonable replacement measures may be done to minimize the impact of an outright loss.

Points to be kept in mind while buying a transformer :

1. First of all, you need to look for a reliable transformer manufacturer and supplier.

2. Check for the protection of the device you want to purchase, and ask the manufacturer for a guarantee.

3. Check if the manufacturer offers customized transformers to meet your requirements so that you get a transformer best suited for the purpose you want to purchase it for.

Choosing right place to buy a transformer from and maintaining it is as important as taking care of our assets, so next time your transformer has a problem making sure you go to the right place.

Transformer | Transformer Fault Detection | Transformer Insights | Transformer Predictive Management

Employing a Transformer has various tasks involved like transformer fault detection, getting transformer insights and transformer predictive management.


Satish Patil

Asst. G. M. , Fiat

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