Self-driving cars. Jetpacks. Visits to Mars. Robots. 

For as long as we can remember, governments, visionaries, politicians, scientists alike have made predictions of what would happen by the year 2020. While a lot of these predictions did come true, something else happened too, which no one could have foreseen. You guessed it right, the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As humans, we are all guilty of wanting to know exactly what to expect. We plan our days to the minute. But what happens when the news of a pandemic hits? Even as enterprises, we can seldom take all possible scenarios into account. This is where technology can help. 

Multiple studies exhibited that even in dealing with such high-consequence, low-likelihood risks in the wake of Covid-19, enterprises that had a better digital infrastructure could fare comparatively better than their contemporaries.

We, at Ecolibrium, worked with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their businesses could run as smoothly as ever even with the extreme external circumstances. Our asset and energy management platform SmartSense had a 3-pronged approach for ensuring exactly this:

Resolution. Resilience. Reimagination.

Weathering the storm with SmartSense 

Resolution To ensure business continuity.

Amidst plummeting revenue and tightening restrictions in the wake of the sudden news, the first priority was to ensure business continuity. SmartSense enabled remote monitoring of assets and business processes to facilitate operations with minimal workforce. 

At SKF, the global leader of Industrial and Automotive bearings, SmartSense helped optimize furnace operation during covid and hence reduced excess energy and operational costs by nearly 5%. 

Resilience To Increase flexibility and bounce back

Once continuity was ensured, the next step was to help enterprises increase flexibility and build resilience into their systems. SmartSense helped businesses quickly recalibrate their goals with data-driven insights on their assets. 

At Godrej Group, SmartSense ensured 100% SLA compliance with a reduced workforce and efficient redirection of resources to facilitate business operations.

Reimagination- To improve operational efficiency long-term

SmartSense has helped industries, buildings, and utilities across sectors with reimagining their businesses by transforming their asset and energy management strategies. 

JLL, one of the world’s biggest Real-Estate management firms,  developed a new tech-led delivery model for Smart Buildings using SmartSense and reduced operating costs by up to 40% 


This pandemic has exposed innumerable vulnerabilities in the way businesses operate. It has sounded the alarm loud and clear how technology today is not just an enabler, rather an imperative to build sustainable businesses. 

And with our turnkey plug-and-play solutions that can be easily integrated – regardless of the present stage of digital infrastructure and scale of operations, Ecolibrium is happy to have helped major companies weather this storm with comparative ease. 


To know more about how we ensured Resolution-Resilience-Reimagination before, during, and after Covid,  contact us today!


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